Cracked Earth in Nature Reserve of Popenguine in Senegal

The protection of the global environment is arguably the most critical issue of our time. The consequences of developments such as climate change, deforestation and the despoliation of the planet’s oceans will affect the wellbeing of all life on Earth, and may even threaten our survival as a species. Our greatest challenge in the twenty-first century will be to find ways to live sustainably so that our descendants can live well, and so that the Earth’s myriad other life forms can continue to evolve and thrive.

At present human beings – especially the wealthy – are consuming far more than our planet can sustain. Emerging technologies such as wind power and electric cars are part of the answer. But as the Roman philosopher Seneca said, ‘To greed, all nature is insufficient’. We need to find ways to live richly that do not cost the Earth.

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