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Don’t judge a book by its cover

The Hobart Human Library uses the art of storytelling to break down barriers and build empathy.

The library provides a comfortable space for ‘readers’ to speak informally with a living ‘book’.

The ‘books’ are Tasmanians who have experienced stereotyping, prejudice or discrimination – perhaps because of their culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance or wellness.

For schools, the Hobart Human Library workshop has been developed to support the Respectful Schools and Workplaces Framework.

For workplaces, the human library is an excellent addition to anti- discrimination and diversity training.

The Hobart Human Library can also be booked for public or private events, including conferences.

The human library workshop was inspirational. The incredible strength and determination of the ‘books’ was humbling, and I was amazed when one of the ‘books’ told me how empowering she finds it to tell her story. The experience demonstrated how challenging it can be to face discrimination and strengthened my resolve to avoid being judgemental.

Government House professional development workshop participant

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Building empathy to reduce discrimination and bullying