Become a Book

The Hobart Human Library regularly recruits and trains new human ‘books’ through our Community Educator Training Program. Some ‘books’ have been with the Hobart Human Library since its inception in 2013 and have told their story over 140 times.

If you…

  • have encountered prejudice, stigma or stereotyping and
  • would like to share your life experiences to increase understanding  and break down barriers

…then maybe you are just the person we are looking for!

All human ‘books’ receive training, cost reimbursement, payment (an honorarium) for each presentation and formal recognition, as well as the satisfaction of making a difference. For many there is also the benefit of improved public speaking and advocacy skills as well as a new network of respectful friends and allies! 

“I am a person of short stature and since I have told my story in the Hobart Human Library, I have been amazed at the interest from the ‘readers’ of all ages and from all backgrounds. The ‘readers’ are involved and engaged in the story, and can ask questions at the end. This increases awareness in many different ways: of people who are same-sex attracted, people from other countries, and people with an acquired brain injury or disability, to name just a few.”
Glenda Radcliffe, human book

Download a Human ‘book’ recruitment flyer and Information for human ‘books’, then contact us to let us know you’re interested.

Phone: 03 6223 1025

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:30am - 5:00pm

Address: 4 Battery Square, Battery Point, Tasmania, 7004

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