Fair trade

The Fairtrade system is one of the largest and most diverse global movements with thousands of relationships in over 90 countries. Fairtrade takes a holistic approach to sustainability focusing on improving people’s economic, social and environmental conditions for the long–term.

Fair Trade Association Australia & New Zealand

There are 1.65 million farmers and workers in Fairtrade certified producer organisations. source

26% of all farmers and workers in Fairtrade are women. source

On plantations, 26% of workers spent their Fairtrade premiums on education. source

The largest quantities of Fairtrade sales worldwide are bananas, coffee beans, sugar and cocoa beans. See what else Fairtrade produces here

Fair Trade International: excellent site with information on many aspects of Fair Trade. Find out the need for Fair Trade in different product categories and read the latest news from around the world.

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand: What is Fairtrade? How does it work? Links to Australian and New Zealand sites. Up to date news and data. Find out about switching school uniforms to those made from fairtrade cotton.

Fair Trade Association of Australia: examines issues surrounding the Fair Trade Movement in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and includes frequently asked questions and a Fair Trade shopping guide. Education materials and posters are available to download.

Oxfam Australia: focuses on ethical trading and workers’ rights (such as the dangerous factory conditions in the clothing industry). Includes the latest news and an online shop for ethical products.

World Fair Trade Organization:  current global information and news, definitions, codes of practice and Fair Trade Principles.

Fairtrade Foundation: definitions, facts and figures and interesting information on a range of Fairtrade products.

Check out our YouTube playlist for some short videos on Fairtrade.

Interactive map of Fair Trade producers: see the location of the Fair Trade producers across the world.

Behind the Brands: your favourite food brands care what you think.

AFTINET (Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network): send a letter to your MP (samples provided), food labelling for fair trade, and much more.

Oxfam Australia: sign a petition, shop, volunteer, campaign or fundraise, or just raise awareness – the opportunities are here.

Fair Trade Association: sign up for the newsletter, read the shopping guide, join or promote Fair Trade in your area.

Ethical Shopping Guide: download the app for shopping ethically (suitable for Mac and Android) and check out your purchases before buying.

Ethical Fashion Guide: Baptist World Aid: Find out how your favourite fashion labels rate.

Oxfam (Tas branch): Campaigns for living wages to be paid

Other learning resources 

A Fairer World has posters, classroom activities, books, DVDs and web links on global issues such as fair trade. Contact us for a complete list of resources available free or on loan to members.

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