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Our programs

Our programs are co-developed and co-delivered with Tasmanians who have experienced stigma and discrimination.
Their voices are central to all our work because we know that engaging with authentic voices is the key to lasting social change.

How we create change

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Our impact

Our innovative programs create positive change in workplaces and schools, as well as for Tasmanians who experience stigma or discrimination.

Cosgrove High School Action Day Stop Racism project

Impact at Cosgrove High School

The Let’s Get Together program is more than an anti-bullying program. It can change school culture. The program supports schools to partner with their students and the community to develop students’ diversity competence... Learn more...

Photo of Paul drinking coffee

Paul – embracing life’s adversities

“I have gratitude for that rock.” Paul was 29 when a free-falling boulder the size of a laptop scythed into his skull and caused him a devastating brain injury. A professional mountaineer from Manchester, Paul was tackling the Totem Pole on Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsula when the incident occurred... Continue reading...

Andy Gall image square

Andy - a story of change

“Oh hey, I’m transgender” is how Andy chooses to open the story he shares with audiences. There are many turning points in Andy Gall’s life that have shaped who he is today, his story as a human ‘book’ is just one of them... Continue reading…

Natasha photo

Natasha – surviving abuse and finding her voice

“Child abuse, yes it’s being spoken about more now, but I don’t think people really understand a whole lot about it. And not many people can talk about it.” But Natasha believes she is one of the lucky ones who is able to talk about her abuse... Continue reading...

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