Just One… A Ripple Effect of Positive Change

A Fairer World is working in partnership with Campania District School to trial an exciting brand new program called Just One…

Chair of the Campania District School Association and our human ‘books’ John, Aster and Donna.

Empowering a diverse and inclusive school environment, Just One… is a 10-hour authentic and practical diversity and inclusion program tailored for Tasmanian schools. This locally designed initiative harnesses the lived experiences of Tasmanians who have faced exclusion and discrimination, weaving their stories into the program’s content. Through a series of four practical and engaging steps, students build human connections, gain valuable skills, and develop the motivation to address exclusionary and bullying behaviour. In doing so, they become agents of change, building a more welcoming and inclusive school environment.

Just One… extends its impact beyond the student body, empowering teachers and the broader school community to enhance their diversity and inclusion competencies. This comprehensive program instils skills and confidence in educators, enabling them to effectively navigate the complexities of diversity and foster a more inclusive learning environment. As part of the program parents and the School Association were invited along to one of our Diversity and Inclusion Forums to hear stories of discrimination from people with lived experience, and more importantly, to walk away with some practical tools on how to be more inclusive.

Just One… is helping everyone in the school community to change just one thing about themselves to make the world a more just place.

The Just One…program is funded by The Tasmanian Community Fund and Department for Education, Children and Young People.

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