Why we work with community

All of our programs are co-designed and co-delivered with Tasmanians who have experienced stigma and discrimination. Their voices are central to all our work because we know that engaging with authentic voices is the key to lasting social change.

To recruit and train people with lived experience across a broad range of areas – culture, religion, disability, mental health, appearance, gender and sexual diversity – we work with local community organisations with expertise in these areas.

People with lived experience start their journey with A Fairer World by completing the foundation course in our Community Educator Training Program to become human ‘books’ in the Hobart Human Library. As they build skill and confidence in educating others about the barriers they have faced and ways to break down those barriers, they can undertake further training. These courses equip them to  co-present in other training delivered by A Fairer World – Inclusive Language courses, Unconscious Bias workshops and Inclusion Strategies workshops. Community educators trained through the Community Educator Training Program can choose to continue to build their skills and  become facilitators to train other human ‘books’.

How we work with community organisations

Photo of Red Thread

There are many wonderful organisations in Tasmania that provide education, support and advocacy on specific social justice issues. 

Our programs cover the full range of social justice concerns. We are primarily educators, so we partner with a wide range of Tasmanian community organisations to work with us in schools on specific issues.

Our programs place us in a unique position to provide the community sector with a pathway to connect with schools and workplaces.

A key event in our Let’s Get Together program with schools is the Community Diversity Expo. 

The Community Diversity Expo is a chance for your organisation to inspire students on the issues that you care deeply about when the students are researching and deciding on their own action project.

In a ‘speed dating’ style forum you can tell them about your issue, why it is important and how you are tackling it. Topics chosen by students for their action projects include awareness and respect for LGBTIQ+, cultural diversity, mental health, disability, women, and appearance.

Community organisations can also partner with us in recruiting and training human ‘books’ as  community educators for the Hobart Human Library.

Human ‘books’ are Tasmanians with personal experience of prejudice or discrimination. This may be based on their culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, mental health, or disability.

Many of our current catalogue of  human ‘books’ have been referred by community partners who have seen, as we have, the  benefits of training and public retelling for people who have experienced exclusion.

Community organisations we work with

Photo of Women's Legal Service
Photo of Stay ChatTY

Organisations that participate in our Community Diversity Expos and work with us to recruit and train human ‘books’ include: 

  • Anglicare Tasmania
  • Association for Children with Disability
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Colony 47
  • Disability Voices Tasmania
  • Engender Equality
  • Headspace, The Link Youth Health Service
  • Migrant Resource Centre/Phoenix Centre
  • Parents & Friends of the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Red Thread (TasCAHRD)
  • Riawunna
  • Salvation Army
  • South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation
  • Stay ChatTY
  • Women’s Health Tasmania
  • Women’s Legal Service
  • Working It Out
  • Youth services from local councils

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