TasNetworks – leading diversity and inclusion training in Tasmania

A Fairer World is making a difference to inclusion at TasNetworks by delivering diversity and inclusion training – to date nineteen workshops have been run with over 250 staff. The workshops are all from our Diversity and Inclusion Training Program for workplaces – the Hobart Human Library, Unconscious Bias, and Inclusion Strategies – read more about the program on our Diversity & Inclusion Training page.

The average rating for overall quality has been an exceptional 90%, with motivation to take action after the workshops 88%.

The following is from the Leader, People, Culture and Community, TasNetworks.

Our first encounter with A Fairer World was at Government House. As a business, we were blown away by the level of connection and awareness we had towards the significant social experiences that vulnerable people in the workforce encounter, as well as the barriers that people face even to get an interview, let alone employment and living in society.”

After our experience at Government House, we just had to get A Fairer World to present at our upcoming yearly Leadership Conference. The feedback from the leadership group was phenomenal. Our leaders truly engaged and were personally touched by the shared stories that have stayed with them even now. As a business, we are committed to inclusion and diversity. We believe that diversity brings strength, and we wanted to constructively tackle any unconscious bias in our recruitment process even in promoting people with great skills.”

Diversity matters to us as it helps us with innovative solutions, attracts diverse people to support our talent strategy initiatives, and builds a great workforce of the future. To make sure that everyone in our business understands the beauty of what diversity brings, as well as establish a sense of belonging for all, we felt it was important to roll out the Human Library and Unconscious Bias training across TasNetworks. [A Fairer World’s] wonderful mix of storytelling and data enables us to build a strong message of its importance. We were also able to provide our leaders specific support around developing a strategy for their own business unit around inclusion and diversity. We look forward to continuing partnering with A Fairer World. We feel that the programs that A Fairer World offers have real world application, challenge our thinking, help us think outside the box and appreciate the society in which we live.

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