Why we work in workplaces

We provide diversity and inclusion training for Tasmanian workplaces.

There is strong evidence from around the world of the benefits of greater diversity in our workforce when it is accompanied by inclusive practices.

The Tasmanian State Service Diversity and Inclusion Framework lists these benefits as:

  • Increased sustainability: inclusive organisations can be more sustainable as their employees adapt better to change, and teams are less likely to depend on particular employees.
  • Higher productivity: inclusive organisations support strong productivity by providing their employees with conditions and workplaces that keep them engaged and motivated.
  • Connected to the community: inclusive workforces are more focused on understanding, engaging and responding to the needs of the people they serve, and working to ensure that their workforces are reflective of their communities.
  • Stronger decision making: inclusive organisations encourage all employees to consider different perspectives and approaches when solving problems and making decisions – leading to more innovative, robust decisions.

But, the most important reason why we work with workplaces to help them become more diverse and inclusive is that it makes a big contribution to creating a fairer world.

Breaking down barriers means working alongside people to change policies, processes, practices and individual behaviour.

Our approach

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Most people want a fairer world – a place where there are no barriers to participation in all aspects of a satisfying life – education, meaningful work, community, social and political engagement.

But for many people, full participation is difficult because of systemic barriers. Being a woman, gay or transgender, a darker skin colour, a different appearance or religion, can mean that those aspects of a satisfying life are more difficult to access.

The most stubborn systemic barriers that discriminate and exclude are those that stem from unconscious biases.

Our programs are based on research that if we can hear, see and FEEL the consequences of discrimination, and UNDERSTAND the roots of our of biases, then we can develop SKILLS and SYSTEMS to mitigate unconscious biases.

All of our programs are co-developed and co-delivered by professional inclusion trainers and people who have personal experience of discrimination. 

Our workplace programs

The Hobart Human Library uses the art of storytelling to break down barriers and build empathy. The library provides  a comfortable space for ‘readers’ to speak informally with a human ‘book’ – a local person who has experienced prejudice. Find out more…

We offer a range of diversity and inclusion workshops that can be delivered in-house or online. The program is unique in that all workshops are co-designed and co-delivered by professional inclusion trainers in consultation with community experts (people with lived experience of discrimination who have trained as community educators). Find out more…

Organisations we work with


Service Tasmania

Institute of Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

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