Jasper – growing form hardship & connecting with the community

Book report by Jasper

“I found myself in my first training session for the Human Library in March of 2022. With a background in spoken word performance and a passion for social justice, I felt like a good fit for A Fairer World’s human library initiative (although nervous). With the help of Emalia and the training provided I was on my feet in no time!

Photo of Jasper

My story is one of trauma and mental health and how as individuals we can advocate for ourselves and grow from hardship. I never imagined just how rewarding this experience would be for me. Having a room full of highschoolers relating and invested in my story. Speaking at workplaces and seeing how open the discussion of mental health has become and how at the end of the day people just want to help one another. Every day you get to see the education and its effects on people.”

“Being a human book and being able to represent people with borderline personality disorder as complex and diverse people has been a huge highlight for me this year. Not to mention the wonderful team and spirit we have between us.”

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