Making an Impact at Princes Street Primary School

The Hobart Human Library delivered 4 Inclusion Forums at Princes Street Primary School recently to grade 5 and 6 students. We had a great time with the students building inclusion skills.

The human books  Chris, David, John and Donna and a teacher sitting on chairs. 2 rows of students sitting on the floor. All smiling at the camera with the definitions of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination showing.

Students took away some key learning from the experience.

“Even if people are different, always treat them nicely and respect them.”

“That you cant judge a book by its cover and that people really hate being excluded.”

Teachers gave the Inclusion Forums 100% for its quality, usefulness and student engagement.

Thank you to the Department for Education, Children and Young people for providing the subsidy that allows A Fairer World to visit schools across the state.

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