Why we work with schools

Our school programs seek to create positive social change towards a fairer world – towards respect, equity and full participation. A community where every person can achieve their full potential.

As experienced educators we know that to do this our programs must:

  • Engage students in issues they care about.
  • Take students on a journey of transformation that allows them to  inquire, think critically, and become decision-makers.
  • Build the skills, knowledge and values that are essential for citizenship, for employment and for life.

Impact of our school programs

Schools we work with highly value our programs and have recorded:

  • improvements in behaviour including language, kindness and reduced incidents of bullying;
  • significant student learning in empathy and tolerance, interactions with others, knowledge of legal rights and responsibilities, and the role of active bystanders;
  • improved student engagement in learning; and
  • student growth in acceptance of others, empowerment, positivity, teamwork and resilience.

Visit our impact page for case studies about the impact of our programs.

An example is the Chillout Room at Rose Bay High School.

Local programs, local support

Photo of Action Day at Cosgrove High School

We have been working with Tasmanian schools since 1985 and know that local relevance and local support are the keys to sustainable programs. We provide:

  • Professional development: at your school.
  • Curriculum materials: detailed lesson plans and instructional videos.
  • Events: organised by us in your school, such as the Hobart Human Library workshop, Community Diversity Expo, and Student Action Day
  • Resources: topic-specific for teachers and students, online and also at our library in Battery Point.
  • Mentors: we arrange experienced support people to help in the classroom.
  • Links to community organisations: we have extensive networks with local organisations and groups that work on specific issues such as cross-cultural, LGBTIQ+, disability and mental health.
  • Evaluation: all of our programs are evaluated by an independent consultant.

Our school programs

Let’s Get Together is designed for schools wanting to partner with their students to create a more respectful school environment. This 20-hour program aims to build ‘diversity competence’ – the knowledge, skills and values that foster empathy and a desire to create positive change. Find out more…

The Hobart Human Library uses the art of storytelling to break down barriers and build empathy. The library provides a comfortable space for ‘readers’ to speak informally with a human ‘book’ – a local person who has experienced prejudice. Find out more…


Schools we work with

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